We are passionate about creating impressive, high quality animation.

We are based in the West Midlands and have been producing 3D animation for over 20 years. A lot of our work involves creating high quality visuals from highly technical CAD models. If you are looking at marketing a product or idea, we can help to visualise it, often taking it apart or sectioning it to show the internal workings. We can place your product in its natural environment, whether that's at the bottom of the sea, under the ground or even on the dark side of the moon! We will be happy to help produce any 3D visuals you need, no matter what the duration, so if you have a product or an idea you need demonstrating then please contact Keith on 01922 407393 or email Keith@spikey-animation.com

Sample Animations

Product Animation Services


We can take your CAD model and make it look more impressive than real life! Once your product is built, it can be sectioned, taken apart and manipulated in a way that is difficult to do with live action photography. CAD is ideal for getting your product precise but we can also build models from drawings, photos or the physical item.

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Character Animation Services

People and Characters

We have a varied selection of people that we can customize with your own branding. They can be dressed with various PPE and can be made to interact with, or use your product. Of course we can also design and build any bespoke characters you require, human or animal, stylised or real.

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Environmental Animation Services


Your product can be animated with a clean or branded backdrop, however sometimes it's better to feature a more natural environment. We have built plenty of various assets over the years that can be quickly utilised to create impressive looking surroundings in which to feature your product or idea.

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Special Effects Animation Services

Special Effects

Essential in some scenarios, effects can also enhance the impact of animations. We have often had the need to animate water, fluids, smoke, flames, pyrotechnics and weather conditions. We have a lot of experience creating these effects and we see anything unusual as a very interesting challenge.

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Our Short Animated Films

Billy bear short film

Billy Bear

A short poem about a bear who decides to bake some buns, unfortunately he falls asleep at a crucial moment. Too many late nights I guess! This is our most recent work but we are always working on new projects.

Endroad short film

Endroad (2015)

After getting lost on the way to a meeting, a business man and his secretary find themselves stranded in a very strange place. This is an experiment using 3D with a "sketched" style.

Hedgehogs short film

Hedgehogs (2007)

After one of their friends is callously killed on the road, a small band of hedgehogs make an ingenious plan to stop the evil killer and take their own devilish revenge. Our first film and the reason we are called Spikey Animation!


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Other Services

Stock Footage

Did you know you can buy pre made stock footage to use at a reasonable cost; we have work for sale which you can purchase at minimal cost. The animations are available in smaller resolutions up to high quality 4K. Click here for more details.

High Resolution Images for Print and Backdrops

We have often been asked to create high resolution images for print use or for projecting, for example in theatre shows where they are projected onto the stage backdrop to create a diverse array of environments; you can see a selection of these here.

About Spikey Animation

Spikey Animation was set up in 2002 by Keith Mann who has worked in the graphics/animation business since leaving Art College where he gained a higher diploma in graphic design. He started work at Optical Image Broadcast, producing graphics and 2D animated sequences. As technology advanced he moved into the 3D world and used his artistic skills to interpret architects plans to create interiors and exterior of large holiday resorts to give an artist's impression of the finished architecture. Since 2002 the work has moved more into the engineering & health & safety sectors.

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